Release 31+

Releases 31+

DN44     Krause.D - The Beauty of Peronality

Krause.D The Beauty of Personality

The tracks of Dieter Krause alias Krause. D have been keeping their promises for many years when it comes to the composition of fine, minimalistic sound design.
Reduced techno consisting of 808 beats, guitars and driving basses in its original form. To the original tracks there are remixes by Dennis Allen, Denny Suski and Frank Hellmond.

DN43     Martin Bausch - Tomorrows Yesterday

Martin Bausch „tomorrows yesterday“

With the third release on dreiton Martin Bausch presents his debut album "Tomorrows Yesterday". Eight tracks that beautifully show Martin's musical background of electronic club music between Dub Techno and Detroit House. Here raw, old-school house grooves meet chords and pads. The love for detail and the perceptible analog warmth in the sounds create the special charm of his tracks. Martin's productions show how the traditions of earlier Dub Techno and house productions can live on with real analog basic work...
Have fun listening!

Mastering by Matthias Springer

DN42     V/A - reset

V/A - Reset


After a short creative break we would like to get back to you with the compilation "Reset".

Nine tracks by new and well-known artists cover a musical spectrum of electronic music, between House, Dubtechno and Elektronika.

The selection of tracks is also a foretaste of upcoming releases, which will be based on the sound of "Reset".

We are looking forward to new exciting music ...

DN41     Calitos - Babylon EP

Kalitos, an Deep House Artist from Leipzig. Founding his own Label Morgentau Music he is developing new kinds of Deep House Styles.

Kalitos is a musician all trough. 1994, when he was six years old he started to play violin. Over the years this became to be not enough. After he learned to play the guitar, he played in several bands and projects. 2003 he finally discovered his heartbeating passion to Electronic Music. Since this time he is developing as an Deep House connected DJ and Producer. His latest step is his own label "Morgentau Music", founded in 2015.

Kalitos first dreiton release, with the wonderful title "Babylon", amazes with highly emotive and grooving house. Atmosphere and beat are equal to small melodic fragments and percussive rhythm. The tracks convey an immediate desire for club music which works both on the dancefloor, as well as in the domestic living room.

DN40     Denny Suski - Lost Place EP

The fortieth edition comes from no other than the second partner of Dreiton. Denny Suski delivers a deep and fresh new EP connected by a subtle touch of melodic elements which embraces the iconic sound of Dreiton. The EP includes a fantastic Remixes from Martin Bausch & Mike Plate

DN39     Simon Spe - Birth of a Storm

After his debut EP on in

2016, it impresses once more how Simon Spe can blend atmospheric dubes,

melancholic dreamy melodies and rhythmic elements. Simon tells with each

of his four tracks, a very unique, thrilling story that reveals new

small sound structures each time you listen. An EP for the perfect

sunrise after dancing the night away.


Relaxed listening ..

DN38     Dennis Allen - Grauzone

We welcome Dennis Allen as a new artist in our small dreiton family.

The DJ and producer from Mönchengladbach enriches us with fine deep house tracks, enhanced with a little pinch of dub.

The „Grauzone“ RMX by Frank Hellmond essentially uses dubby elements, which he marvelously merges into a flowing groove of chords, basslines and driving beats.

Enjoy listening.

With catalog number 037 a wellknow artist is back on

Matthias Springer´s EP „Panama Stories“ is a mix of broad soundscapes,

small hidden melodic fragments and wonderful 4/4 background beats.


Listen amd enjoy

DN37     Matthias Springer - Panama Stories

DN36     Martin Bausch - Numbers II

After Martin Bausch has successfully released the first part of his "Numbers" project in autumn 2015, now follows Numbers II.

The release consisting of the three original tracks and remixes by Simon Spe and Denny Suski, is a wonderful mix of dubby elements, small melodic fragments and a dash of techno.

We hope you enjoy listening.





Artwork: Rypzylon Maligne Master: Weaselson Forward

DN35     Wenzel Mehnert - Deeplink II

Wenzel Mehnert’s project " Deep Link II " shows very well how electronica, dub (creeping, direction of travel) and techno (fragile) can and may be in harmony. Because of their subtle designed sounds these tracks fascinate with infinite depth.


These wonderful sound spaces are supported by elegant and subdued rhythmic elements.


Have fun…

DN34     Simon Spe - Nala Tapat

After Simon has been successfully presented with his deep piano track

„der „Kraken Utem“ on the „thirty“ compilation his debut EP is now

released on We would characterize it this way: dubtechno in its finest form.


The track’s clear structures are remarkable. Simon understands to

combine delays and reverbs with complex sound-scapes to create a unique

style of ambient, dub and techno.



DN33     Nvelope - Sunset EP

Producer Nvelope from Berlin creates a wonderful structure by combining deep atmospheres and small melody fragments of impressive/ punchy/powerful synthesizer sounds.


Electronic music – somewhere between dubtechno and detroit house.

DN32     Rypzylon & WeaselSon - Lost in Dots

Timeless beautiful and wonderfully relaxed, with a bit of melancholy, like this the first release of RYPZYLON & Weaselson on dreiton could be described. Driving grooves and harmonic Atmosphere meet wide chords with a lot of dub in the space, everything is in the right place and so it should be!

The Vvelope RMX goes without the Atmosphere so a special emphasis is on the chords. All tracks work in the club as well as on the home sofa on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!

DN31     Martin Bausch - Numbers

Martin Bausch shows with his debut on how deepness and grooves can be harmonized.

The tracks balance in a unique sound between techno and dub. A fundament

created by subdued kicks, is layered by organic chords, which slowly

and steadily spread into dubby spheres. Frank Hellmond Rmx plays with

minimal fragments of the originals and creates with rhythm, base and

atmospheric sounds an impressing audio density that allows a personal

interpretation of the originals.