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DN50.2    DREITON - 50 (Part 2)

Dreiton 50.2

Various Artists - Part 2 

In the second part of our 50th edition, we enrich you with tracks that develop their basic mood between Dub, Detroit and House. 
The sounds radiate a minimalistic, rough character, sometimes more gentle and sometimes more technoid. 
We are very proud to have great artists like Timo Maas, Narcotic 303, Matthias Springer, Martin Bausch, Denny Suski, Krause.D, Einklang freier Frequenzen, Vasques&Hellmond and Mike Plate on this compilation.

Mastering by Deeptakt Mixdown & Mastering

Cover by Denny Suski

DN50.1    DREITON - 50 (Part 1)

Dreiton 50.1

Various Artists – Part1

Fourteen years after the release of the first EP on dreiton, we are looking forward to the 50th release with a compilation consisting of two parts.The first Part of great artists like youANDme, Alessandro Crimi, Tom Cabrinha, Lars Leonhard, Nvelope&Madlyne, Simon Spe, Ikosaeder, and the Idealist should not only reflect our musical background up to now,but also show our curiosity to rediscover electronic music and beyond that not to commit ourselves to one style of music. Varieties from Dub Techno and Deephouse to Detroit Techno create a diversified compilation with soundscapes and kicks in peaceful coexistence. Interspaces that want to be understood and in the end simply music that gets us in the mood for what's coming...

Mastering by Matthias Springer/dpraudio

Cover by Denny Suski

DN49    Narcotic 303 - Traffic

Narcotic 303 „Traffic“

With Narcotic 303 we’re excited to announce a special new member to dreiton. With releases on „Deeptakt Records“, „Dimbideep“ and „Turmfalke“ last year he showcased a sonic connection between driving acidlines, dubby chords, deep reverbs and spherical sounds forming a wonderful symbiosis. Narcotic 303 picks up this exact theme in his new „Traffic“ EP and leads us off to a marvelous journey into a deep cosmos of electronic dance music.

DN48     Matthias Springer - Fields of Nowhere

Matthias Springer "Fields of Nowhere"

After almost 2 years Matthias Springer is back with his new EP "Fields of Nowhere" on dreiton. Matthias is no stranger to the electronic music community. On labels like Diametral, dreiton, Eintakt and Dimbideep he has been releasing great tracks with influences of Dubtechno, Acid and House for many years. On his new EP Matthias combines exactly these interfaces. Elegant dubtechno grooves meet floating soundscapes and driving house chords. His tracks have a wonderful density, filled with reverb rooms and delays. Beautiful music that not only invites you to dance... Enjoy listening!

DN47     Tom Cabrinha - Terraforming

Tom Cabrinha „Terraforming“

After causing quite a splash with releases on Deeptakt Recordings, Askance Disc and YingYang, we are happy to welcome Tom Cabrinha for his first EP - Terraforming - on dreiton. Tom is able to create soothing warm and full sounds with just a small number of elements. The vividness of his loops and coherence of the chosen elements are impressive by itself. He has remarkable flow and development in his productions. Lars Leonhard and Narcotic303 are able to capture the original warmth and vividness of the original tracks and send us on a wonderful sound journey. That said, bon voyage!

DN46     Simon Spe - Phased

Simon Spe "Phased"

Simon Spe is back on dreiton with his debut album. To say a lot about Simon is not necessary, for many years he has been a long-time dreiton companion and his tracks have been played in countless Dub Techno DJ Sets.

Simon's seven tracks radiate a dreamy, hypnotic, almost melancholic mood that invites you to pause. Something special about Simon's music is that it only changes in small nuances in the course of the tracks

The sounds reduced to the essential, with a lot of sense for the sound and exact listening and discovering of changes, take the listener on a small musical journey...

Enjoy listening and discovering

Cover Artwork: Alena Nienstedt

DN45     Martin Bausch - Tomorrows Yesterday Remixes

Martin Bausch "Tomorrows Yesterday" Remixes

After Martin Bausch´s successful debut album "Tomorrows Yesterday" we are now looking forward to the remixes. Nine artists like Simon Spe, Insect O. and Matthias Springer show how various the reinterpretation of the original tracks can be. Variations from Dub Techno and Deephouse up to Techno and IDM are served magnificently. A fine diversified album with soundscapes and kicks in peaceful coexistence, spaces in between that want to be understood and at the end above all music that lets us wander in out thoughts, wherever we are... Have fun listening...