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DN46     Simon Spe - Phased

Simon Spe "Phased"

Simon Spe is back on dreiton with his debut album. To say a lot about Simon is not necessary, for many years he has been a long-time dreiton companion and his tracks have been played in countless Dub Techno DJ Sets.

Simon's seven tracks radiate a dreamy, hypnotic, almost melancholic mood that invites you to pause. Something special about Simon's music is that it only changes in small nuances in the course of the tracks

The sounds reduced to the essential, with a lot of sense for the sound and exact listening and discovering of changes, take the listener on a small musical journey...

Enjoy listening and discovering

Cover Artwork: Alena Nienstedt

DN45     Martin Bausch - Tomorrows Yesterday Remixes

Martin Bausch "Tomorrows Yesterday" Remixes

After Martin Bausch´s successful debut album "Tomorrows Yesterday" we are now looking forward to the remixes. Nine artists like Simon Spe, Insect O. and Matthias Springer show how various the reinterpretation of the original tracks can be. Variations from Dub Techno and Deephouse up to Techno and IDM are served magnificently. A fine diversified album with soundscapes and kicks in peaceful coexistence, spaces in between that want to be understood and at the end above all music that lets us wander in out thoughts, wherever we are... Have fun listening...

DN44     Krause.D - The Beauty of Peronality

Krause.D The Beauty of Personality

The tracks of Dieter Krause alias Krause. D have been keeping their promises for many years when it comes to the composition of fine, minimalistic sound design.
Reduced techno consisting of 808 beats, guitars and driving basses in its original form. To the original tracks there are remixes by Dennis Allen, Denny Suski and Frank Hellmond.

DN43     Martin Bausch - Tomorrows Yesterday

Martin Bausch „tomorrows yesterday“

With the third release on dreiton Martin Bausch presents his debut album "Tomorrows Yesterday". Eight tracks that beautifully show Martin's musical background of electronic club music between Dub Techno and Detroit House. Here raw, old-school house grooves meet chords and pads. The love for detail and the perceptible analog warmth in the sounds create the special charm of his tracks. Martin's productions show how the traditions of earlier Dub Techno and house productions can live on with real analog basic work...
Have fun listening!

Mastering by Matthias Springer